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Our team aspires to provide you with an event that is not to be missed, we’ll handle the branding, designs, as well as all of your events marketing and advertising. Give us your trust and we’ll make sure your event is a hit.

Event Management

Catch Of The Day

Catch, seafood cuisine, provide perfect, delicious seafood products and excellent, reliable services to the customer.

Al - Dahiya Juice

Al – Dahiya Juice, since 1978, was distinguished by its quality taste and innovations .. 

Old branch in Turki Al Awal District.
Grand opening of new branch in
Al Hamra District on 20-11-2019

Event Management
Event Management


Greem, is a new and different concept of restaurants and cafes in Riyadh which came all the way from Korea.

The benefits of the restaurant is in its 2D hand drawn decoration and every three months they change the drawing and the colors.


Kumar, Indian food cuisine provides perfect, delicious Indian food and excellent services to the customers.
Professional in presenting food and they have a lovely staff.

Event Management
Event Management


MELENZANE, remaining faithful to established cooking traditions and techniques, and using them to produce dishes that have a unique and modern twist.

North Coffee

North, a professional coffee shop in Riyadh.
They have a unique beverage menu to satisfy all tastes.

Event Management
Event Management

OverJar Chocolate

Kia Motors Corporation, commonly known as Kia Motors headquartered in Seoul, is South Korea’s second – largest automobile manufacturer, following the Hyundai Motor Company.

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