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Grace provides women makeup sessions to accentuate their beauty. With years of makeup experience, Grace has the ability to bring to life the modern woman, while still staying true to their identity.  Not only that, Grace also provides seminars that help women with their lives whether it be lifestyle, spiritual or personal.

Grace is a Kuwaiti based company that started off from a very passionate and strong woman trying to make a difference in the world through embracing the beauty and strength of women, whether it be from the way they style their makeup, their intelligence and determination. Grace has a vast experience in providing women with the skill of bringing out their beauty and turning women exquisite.


In 1925 Atyab Al Marshoud was established by Sulaiman Al Marshoud with the goal of bringing a diverse number of fragrances, oils, incenses and oud from different parts of the world. More than ninety years later, we at Atyab Al Marshoud have stuck to our vision by providing high quality products to our consumers and abiding to fair business ethics. We aim for a global venture that highlights our deep rooted heritage, experience and passion for Arabian blended perfumery. As such, Mazeej, our newly established venture leads the way to combine the talents of a variety of manufacturers of Arabic perfumes both locally and internationally with a modern middle eastern feel.

Mazeej strives for excellence and let the best of both worlds intertwine to find premium scents. Excellence is a factor we pride ourselves in. As not only do we lure this generation with our scents but also the future generation while staying true to our signature elements. We think perfumes represent auras, so paying extra attention is our core belief, as each perfume takes on each individual, making not a single perfume smell the exact same.


AlMowazi is a one-stop shop for connecting Investors, Unlisted Shareholding, delisted companies, SMEs and Startups in Kuwait and the GCC region.

With their talented team, they aim to deliver innovative trading and brokerage services to clients through a unique platform and become a centralized hub for unlisted, delisted companies, family businesses, SMEs and investors in Kuwait and the GCC region.


A collective of 19 vilas, Oasis19 is redefining the weekend lifestyle with our unique designs that break away from today’s standard. Created by individuals with a shared belief in the values of Kuwait set out to enrich the lifestyle of the modern Kuwaiti and providing a new level of luxury in the Khairan region. By incorporating Kuwait’s cultural and traditional way of living, we have created villas that tears down the walls that restrict us and created a new concept that caters to the family lifestyle. When we first conceived of Oasis19 we set out to create villas that followed the 3 P’s; Privacy, Payment & Price. By designing a property that offers complete privacy as well as providing generous payment terms with a price to match, Oasis19 is truly the first of its kind in the Khairan region.


A passionate young brand that is focused on building the best lifestyle, providing sports services and solutions for their clients. Strikers began as a dream to motivate healthier lifestyle in Kuwait that is up to the International Standards and a place where all athletes meet under one umbrella.

We provide a healthy environment that is able to benefit both genders and all ages with the best certified coaches in prime locations by innovative equipment.

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